Background -- Randy Crider Hit by Drunk Driver

This blog is dedicated to seeking Justice for Randy Crider.     Randy was hit nearly head-on by a drunk driver going at an estimated speed of 80 mph.  Randy suffered the traumatic amputation of his left arm at the shoulder and amputation of his left leg above the knee. (The amputation of his leg was done without general anesthesia because his blood pressure was so low due to the great loss of blood, general anesthesia alone could have killed him.)   He was not far from his home when he was hit.  His wife was called by people on the scene and arrived shortly thereafter. She literally got down in the mud where Randy lay, crying and pleading with him to "hang on, hang in there, Randy!"   It is only by a miracle that Randy survived his initial injuries and blood loss thanks to his wife and the amazing work of the EMT's at the scene and skilled medical personnel at the hospital.  

The following pictures show Randy Crider taken about a year after the collision:

It was found that earlier that day, the teenage drunk driver that hit Randy was driving on the beach at the Padre Island National Seashore, near Corpus Christi, Texas, and was stopped by two U.S. Park Rangers who spotted him driving at a high rate of speed, with two teenage girls on the hood of his car.   The Park Rangers pulled him over and the lead Park Ranger asked him,  “You trying to kill these girls or what?”   The Rangers noted that his breath smelled of alcohol and that his eyes were “extremely bloodshot,” known to the officers to be a sign of marijuana usage.    The Rangers conducted a search of the drunk driver's car and found a marijuana smoking pipe (called a "bong"), some green, leafy substance in a baggie, which the Rangers field tested and found to be marijuana, some beer bottles, a nearly empty 1/5th bottle of whiskey and some cigarette (marijuana) rolling papers.  Here is a picture of the confiscated material:

The lead Ranger told the drunk driver to drive (while intoxicated) and “pull over to the barricade near the water to ‘sober up’ for an hour and a half."  HIS KEYS WERE NEVER CONFISCATED, nor was he arrested or taken to the Ranger station.  The lead Ranger did tell the girls,  “Come with me; he’s drunk.  It would be dangerous if you were to go home with him.”  The lead Ranger then told the drunk driver,  “This is your lucky day.  I’m not going to write you up for drunk driving.”  (All quotes are taken from the Court Transcript.) The Rangers then gave the drunk driver 4 tickets:  one for speeding on the beach; one for minor in possession of alcohol; one for no mandatory Texas Vehicle Liability insurance, and one for possession of marijuana.   The Rangers then drove away from the area with the girls and took them to the Ranger station where they called their mothers to come and get them.   The drunk driver never had his keys confiscated, was never taken to the police station or taken off of the street.    Shortly after the Rangers drove away with the girls, the drunk driver took off in his car and continued his drinking and smoking marijuana throughout the rest of the day and night....  (To be continued).

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